Pacific Polo Cup 2018

Town Talk: Pacific Polo Cup play returns to Southlands

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Pacific Polo Cup 2017

Southlands Riding Club is hosting the fourth annual Pacific Polo Cup on July 28th, 2017. The event draws competitors and a huge fashion-conscious crowd for fun on and off the field. Article

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Pacific Polo Cup 2016

Southlands Riding Club is hosting the third annual Pacific Polo Cup on August 6th, 2016. The event draws competitors and a huge fashion-conscious crowd for fun on and off the field.

Town Talk: Vancouver polo players finally get a full field

CHUKKER TIME: During his 15 years in England, investment-biz chap Tony Tornquist acquired wife Claudia and a consuming passion. They both did. It was polo, a sport played on 30 fields near their London home. Not so in Vancouver, where only Southlands Riding Club offers a field, albeit far short of the 300-by-160-yard regulation size. The equivalent of five Canadian Football League fields and end zones, such layouts give ponies (horses up to 147.3 cm to the top of the withers) enough space to gallop.


HORSING AROUND: Last year, the Vancouver Polo Club was formed to bring the royal sport to the city, offering clinics and lessons for beginners and aficionados alike. The society also staged its first ever Pacific Polo Cup. Hundreds in their sartorial best made their way to Southlands Riding Club in the heart of the city’s equestrian community to take in the sophomore edition. Event chair Kimberley St. Pierre welcomed a glamorous crowd for a day ofpolo watching, champagne sipping and brunching. Holders of VIP tickets were treated to a gourmet luncheon prepared by David Hawksworth on one side of the field, while other spectators lounged on blankets and picnicked on fare from a variety of local food trucks. Guests took to the grass at intermission for the traditional divot stomp, but as always the main attraction was the thrilling polo action. Proceeds from the day of riding — anticipated to be upwards of $20,000 — will benefit the Southlands Riding Society.
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