Player's Information

 August 24 & 25, 2019

Event Schedule                                                                                                  

Friday, August 23th, 2019                      From 6:00PM                Registration at the Clubhouse
                                                            7:00PM – 10:00PM        Player BBQ

Saturday, August 24th, 2019                  7:00AM –   10:00AM      Coffee and Breakfast Snacks
                                                            8:00AM – 10:00AM        Registration at the Clubhouse
                                                            9:30AM                         Player Meeting with Umpire                                                                                                      at the Club House
                                                            10:30AM                       Polo Games commence
                                                            12:00PM – 2:30PM        Lunch
                                                            6:00PM – 10:00PM        Cocktails & Dinner                                                                                                           
Sunday, August 25th, 2019                    7:00AM –   10:00AM      Coffee and Breakfast Snacks
                                                            10:00AM                       Polo Games commence
                                                            12:00PM – 2:00PM        Sandwich Lunch
                                                            3:00PM                         Awards and Prizes


Black Diamond (2)
Charlie Woods (3)
Grant Lockhart (-1)
Brenan Peters (-1)
Shaun Flanaghan (0)

LK Law (0.5)
Nicolas Llambias (1.5)
Tony Tornquist (0)
Claudia Tornquist (-0.5)
Dean Medwid (-0.5)

Queensborough (0.5)
Nicolas Maciel (3)
Jay Garnett (-0.5)
Paul Sullivan (-1)
Drew Rees (-1)

Casablanca (-1)
Marty Wales (1)
Miranda Luna (0)
Ruth Peters (0)
Kaitlin Mitton/Jenna Cretsinger (-1)

Rose City (-0.5)
Brandon Alcott (1)
Kasia Lindgren (-1)
Sheryl Sick (0.5)
Kathryn Richert-Boe (-1)

Victoria (1)
Joel Chailler (1)
Dan Adey (1)
Mike Adey (0)
Josh Adey (-1)


Nicolas Maciel / Brandon Alcott
Jason Heaverlo
Tara Tornquist
Dexter Tornquist
Azmat Ahmed

Nicolas Llambias / Charly Woods
Rory Peters
Jan Flanaghan
Jessica Hatch
Lynn Wales



10:30AM – Champions League (2 Long Chukkers)
Kelowna vs. Vancouver

Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horse: Team Queensborough
Timer/Scorekeeper: Tony Tornquist
Flaggers: Miranda Luna, Jason Heaverlo
Announcer: Claudia Tornquist

11:30AM – 0-2 Goal – Round Robin I
Black Diamond – Queensborough – Rose City

Chukkers 1/2 Black Diamond vs. Queensborough; winner sits out 3/4
Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horses: 1/2 & 3/4 Team LK Law, 5/6 Team Casablanca
Timer/Scorekeeper: Tony Tornquist, Grant Lockhart
Flaggers: Tara & Dexter Tornquist, Josh Adey, Jenna Cretsinger
Announcer: Claudia Tornquist, Dean Medwid

1:30PM – 0-2 Goal – Round Robin II
LK Law – Casablanca – Victoria

Chukkers 1/2 LK Law vs. Casablanca; winner sits out 3/4
Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horses: 1/2 Team Queensborough, 3/4 Team Black Diamond, 5/6 Team Rose City
Timer/Scorekeeper: Shaun Flanaghan, Brandon Alcott
Flaggers: Drew Rees, Kasia Lindgren, Sheryl Sick, Ruth Peters
Announcer: Paul Sullivan, Jay Garnett


10:00AM – Champions League (2 Long Chukkers)
Kelowna vs. Vancouver

Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horse: Team Victoria
Timer/Scorekeeper: Tony Tornquist
Flaggers: Brenan Peters, Kathryn Richert-Boe
Announcer: Claudia Tornquist

11:00AM – 0-2 Goal Consolation – Rose City vs. Casablanca
Third PlaceRound Robin I vs. Third Place Round Robin 2
Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horses: 1/2 Team Queensborough, 3/4 LK Law
Timer/Scorekeeper: Jan Flanaghan
Flaggers: Azmat Ahmed / Rory Peters
Announcer: Claudia Tornquist

12:30PM – 0-2 Goal Runners Up – Black Diamond vs LK Law
Second Place Round Robin I vs. Second Place Round Robin 2
Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horses: 1/2 Team Rose City, 3/4 Team Casablanca
Timer/Scorekeeper: Andrea Sullivan
Flaggers: Marty Wales, Kaitlin Mitton
Announcer: Paul Sullivan

2:00PM – 0-2 Goal Final – Queensborough vs. Victoria
First Place Round Robin I vs. First Place Round Robin 2
Umpire: Dana Fortugno
Umpire Horses: 1/2 Team Black Diamond, 3/4 Team LK Law
Timer/Scorekeeper: Andrea Sullivan
Flaggers: Tara & Dexter Tornquist
Announcer: Dean Medwid

3:00PM Awards & Prizes

Tournament Fees

$300 – Full Position
$150 – ½ Position or additional fee if playing in 2 flights
$200 – Champions League (two long chukkers)
$150 – Social Guest/Groom etc. – Children under 12 are Free
$10 – Stabling and feed per night per horse

The above noted fees include tournament fees, food, beverages, stabling and hay from Friday night to Sunday night. Anyone wishing to extend their stay at the Vancouver Polo Club before or after the tournament, a fee of $10 per night, per horse will be added to your fees.

Let us know if specific feed requirements are required. Available options are  alfalfa, Step 8 pellets, oats.


Player registration will be held at the clubhouse starting at 6:00PM on Friday. Registration will also be open on Saturday morning at 8:00am. All players must be paid in full and waivers signed before the start of play.

Fees can be paid via credit card on www.vancouverpolo.com. All cheques can be made payable to the Vancouver Polo Club.

Our Tournament has been approved as a USPA Circuit Tournament, so please ensure your USPA memberships are up to date.


This tournament could not be run without your help. We would ask that the teams that have just finished playing to be responsible for providing flaggers for the following game. Please check for your duties on the game schedule. We would also be thankful if each team could provide an umpire horse for two chukkers each day.


This is the first season on our new field. We would appreciate everyone’s help to stomp our divots at halftime and after each game. We are hoping to have spectators, so grab their hand and encourage them to do the same!


 Farriers will be on site over the weekend. Please call or txt them directly if you need their services.
On Saturday: Jessica Bookey - (778) 554 0445
On Sunday: Marie Leginus - (604) 838 5380


Dr. Dave Paton can be reached at (604) 856-3351


Dean Medwid - (778) 384-9463
Claudia Tornquist - (604) 657-1225
Nico Maciel - (604) 290-2782 – For late arrivals, please call or txt Nico directly


 The VPC wants to recognize our sponsors for their generous donations. Their help has made this tournament and this season possible.